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This website is operated by Ogitech Corporation (hereafter, “our company”). Before using this website, read the use conditions shown below carefully and use the website only when you agree to these conditions. When you use this website, please note that we assume that you have agreed to all conditions. Our company may change the use conditions of this website without notice. Please check the latest content.

Copyright etc.

Copyright, trademark right, and other intellectual property right related to information, content, trademark, logo mark etc. posted on this website attribute to our company if there is no special information.

It is prohibited to divert or copy whole or partial content directly or by modifying it without getting prior consent from our company with a written form exceeding the range of private use or range that is expressly allowed by law.

Posted information

Our company posts the information on this website with extra care, however, correctness and adequacy of the content, compatibility and safety for purpose of use are not ensured.

Our company may change or delete the posted content without notice.

The operation of the website itself may be interrupted or stopped.

Prohibited matter

When you use this website, following behaviors are prohibited.

  • Behavior that invades or may invade properties or privacy or third party or our company
  • Behavior that creates or may create disadvantage or loss for third party or our company
  • Behavior that prejudices honor or reliance of third party or our company
  • Behavior offensive to public order and morals due to evil-minded / blasphemous behavior / statement etc. or behavior that has risk
  • Criminal behavior or behavior that leads to crime
  • Behavior for carrying out false declaration or notification by registration or other person’s e-mail address etc.
  • Business operation or other profit-making activity, or activity for the preparation
  • Behavior for using or providing a harmful program such as computer virus, or behavior that has risk
  • Behavior that acts contrary to laws, regulations, or byelaws
  • Behavior that our company decided which is improper


A link cannot be provided on this website without getting prior consent from our company with a written form. If you want to provide a link on this website, be sure to inform us the URL to be linked and URL of desired link destination of our company’s website. For the URL for providing a link, clearly specify that it is the website of Ogitech Corporation based on (http://ogitech.co.jp/).

If our company decides that a company is not appropriate as a link to this website, we may say no to the link.

The websites linked from this website or web sites of third parties other than our company that link this website (hereafter, “link site”) are managed under each company’s responsibility. These websites are not managed by our company.

Please use the link site following each use condition.

Our company does not recommend products, services, companies posted at the link site. The link does not mean that there is a special relationship such as affiliation between our company and link site.

Our company does not accept any responsibilities on the content of link site or the loss caused by using the link page.

Proposal, idea etc. from customers

Our company does not accept proposal or idea etc. for our company (hereafter, “proposal etc.”) from customers through this website or e-mail etc.

If a customer sends a proposal etc. to our company from this website or e-mail etc., our company assumes that a customer has sent the proposal accepting the following items. Please be forewarned.

  1. Our company does not accept confidentiality requirement for the sent proposal etc.
  2. Our company can freely use the sent proposal etc.
  3. Even if our company provides product or service similar to the sent proposal etc., our company does not accept any consideration payment obligation for the customer who sent the proposal etc.


This website should be used under customer’s responsibility.

Our company does not accept any responsibilities on direct or indirect loss or damage generated during the use of this website.

Compliance to laws and court of jurisdiction

Use of this website and interpretation and application of use conditions comply with Japanese laws.

The captive court of jurisdiction of first instance for all conflicts related to use of this website is Maebashi District Court.

Recommended environment

To use this website comfortably, a PC that can be connected to internet and environment meeting the conditions shown below are recommended. If this website is used under other environment, the functions required for using this website cannot be used and a screen may not displayed properly or the website may not operate properly. Please be forewarned.

<Recommended browser>

For this website, the use of a browser InternetExplorer8.0 or later is recommended.

<Necessary functions>

■Cookie, Javascript

Our company’s website uses a cookie to simplify the browsing by customer for some pages. Some pages use Javascript and other plugin etc. The security level is highly set for these pages. Please note that these pages may not operate normally. (If needed to the security level is set lowly, carry out the setting under your responsibility. Our company does not accept any responsibilities on the loss of customer due to change of setting.)

■Temporary internet files (cache files)

The latest information may not be displayed on customer’s browser depending on the setting of browser’s temporary internet files (cache files). In that case, it is recommended to click “Update” button of your browser or clear the temporary internet files (cache files) periodically.

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