July 2009
“Ogitech Corporation” was established in Yoshizawa-cho, Ota, Gunma.
September 2009
Under the cooperation with Dr. Takeo Nakagawa (honorary professor of The University of Tokyo, an internationally-respected authority of metal forming) and Gunma University, started to develop new technologies such as “3D Solid design” and “die for aluminum” .
October 2009
Started the business with major Chinese car manufacturers (First Automobile Works Group, Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., and Great Wall Motor Company Limited etc.)
May 2010
Established a joint engineering company “Tianjin Ogitech Xingda Automobile-Body Technology Co., Ltd.” with a major Chinese die manufacturer “Botou Xingda Motor Dies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.” in Tianjin.
May 2010
Started the business with Japanese auto-parts manufacturers.
August 2011
Started business with Western auto-parts manufacturers.
March 2012
Concluded the “Japanese agency of die parts” with “Wuhan Donfeng Connel Die & Mould Standard Parts company” and “IEM company” in China.
May 2013
Concluded the “Japanese agency of gas cylinder for iron-making factory” with HYSON in US.
August 2013
Supported from “ Monodukuri small and medium-sized / small-scale enterprise test production and development etc. subsidy in 2012FY” and joint developed the “forming simulation software” with Trial Park Co., Ltd.

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